The Pelham Center is a Christian focused counseling center located on Highway 14, directly across from Fellowship Greenville church. We offer individual, couples and family counseling in a warm, comfortable environment.


Our mission is to assist couples in developing strong marriages and thus strong families for the glory and service of God. We are concerned that the basic traditional values of our Lord and of this country are continually being eroded, leaving families struggling to survive.

Today, only about 36% of families remain intact. Single parent and blended families are prevalent now and divorce occurs in over 60% of marriages. Children are reared from birth by non-family members in daycare, preschool, school and after-school programs. Mostly, people who have no vested interest in your children, except a pay check, rear them. These are the people who teach your children many of their values and set the pace for their future development.

We are increasingly becoming a throw-a-way society where marriages are being thrown away nearly as soon as they begin, and children are learning the marriage covenant is meaningless. Making a marriage work successfully can provide an atmosphere for a child to develop and to thrive. It can encourage positive maturation of a child into a well balanced and contributing adult.

We want to make a difference. Our goal is to share what worked for us and hundreds of other couples. We want every marriage to be successful. We want to reverse those statistics and make successful marriages and nurturing families a goal for the majority.